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Does the Naturalist Worldview limit the expansion of knowledge?


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Audio Transcript

Dave: Naturalists will suggest that it’s foolish to invoke God while studying.

Jeff: They argue that bringing up God would limit their ability to understand the natural world.

Dave: But allowing for the possibility of a cosmic designer doesn’t actually limit anything!

Jeff: In fact, eliminating God as a possible cause of the Universe unnecessarily rules out a possible answer.

Dave: If we are on an archeological dig and discover a rock in the shape of an arrowhead – what do we say?

Jeff: We say, “Wow, who made this? Why? How did they create it? Who were they?”

Dave: But, if we are naturalistic archeologists we’d say, “Let’s give this rock to a geologist.”

Jeff: But wait – isn’t that rock clearly man-made?

Dave: “Well”, they’d say, “We can’t allow for that possibility. If we suggest that a being created this, it will limit our ability to study it. We must figure out why it’s in this shape.”

Jeff: But, what if it’s in that shape because someone made it that way?

Dave: That’s the problem. Naturalism can never find the truth, if the truth is God.

Jeff: They rule him out automatically.

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