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Naturalism is a World View that rules out spiritual explanations. Why is this bad? Listen in.

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Audio Transcript

Dave: Naturalism is the belief that everything in our world is a result of natural things – or physical processes.

Jeff: The problem with anyone who holds to naturalism is that it’s impossible for them see things any other way!

Dave: If you are a naturalist and someone gives you evidence for God’s existence, you will automatically reject the evidence because it leads to an unwanted conclusion.

Jeff: For instance, God himself could appear to you – and your response would merely be, “I must have ate bad mushrooms.”

Dave: As an analogy pretend you are in a kitchen, and you don’t believe in the existence of milk.

Jeff: Anytime someone poured milk and cereal you would be forced to conclude that there was an unknown substance.

Dave: If a delicious new recipe with milk was made, and you tried to reverse engineer it – you could never reach the actual recipe.

Jeff: Naturalism automatically excludes the possibility of God and routinely tries to find alternative explanations for reasonable evidence.

Dave: Finding multiple explanations isn’t bad – but ruling out a potential conclusion isn’t wise.

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