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Knowing the Truth is more important than many people treat it. What happens if we are wrong? More importantly, if we know for a FACT that we are right? Are we living accordingly?


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Audio Transcript:

Jeff: I recently watched a discussion between four atheists, and one of them,

Daniel Dennet, said:

Dave: “I don’t think many [Christians] ever let themselves contemplate the question which I think scientists ask themselves all the time: ‘what if I’m wrong?’ It’s just not part of their repertoire.”

Jeff: This made me pause.

Dave: Why is that?

Jeff: Because I think he’s right. I’d like us to ask that question more often.

Dave: It’s a very illustrative question! Do Christians know why they believe, or do they simply cherish their tradition?

Jeff: We should be asking, “Do I have good reasons to believe?” rather than getting upset at anyone who disagrees with us.

Dave: And practically: What if we were wrong about Jesus or God? Aside from where we hang out Sunday morning – would our lives look any different?

Jeff: Yes! And let’s flip it around and ask, “What if I’m right?” What if God really did create us, has told us right vs wrong, and Jesus actually wants me to obey him?

Dave: Are we living like that? Or are we mundane about our Spiritual lives?

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