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The Bible was written by eyewitnesses of Jesus’ miracles, death and resurrection. It’s no wonder that ALL the apostles defended their faith in spite of the dangers they faced for doing so.


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Audio Transcript:

Dave: A skeptic asked a brilliant question: When Jesus came to Earth, why didn’t he share some advanced scientific knowledge to prove that he was God?

Jeff: We have to remember how the Bible was written.

Dave: It’s not an encyclopedia to share all the information proving Jesus’ Deity.

Jeff: The main accounts of Jesus life were recorded by eyewitnesses to the events.

Dave: And that’s important!

Jeff: Right. We’re not reading a textbook.

Dave: We’re hearing the first-hand accounts of people who knew Jesus well, saw how lived and died, and believed in his Resurrection. So, we have to ask if there was an eyewitness to God doing something, what might they record?

Jeff: And, these eyewitnesses record exactly what we might expect. Jesus is doing miracles. He is teaching theological, moral, and philosophical lessons. He raises from the dead and fulfills prophecy.

Dave: Multiple eyewitness accounts attesting to those facts are actually better than Jesus sharing advanced scientific information.

Jeff: We could write it off scientific knowledge as coincidence or suggest it was added later. But multiple independent eyewitness who all attest to Jesus’ life is the evidence we need.

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