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Anachronistic Evidence: Evidence that is out of it’s time-element; something that’s chronologically misplaced. In reference to today’s topic, advance scientific knowledge in the first century would be misplaced in time; an anachronism.


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Audio Transcript:

Dave: A skeptic asked a brilliant question: When Jesus came to Earth, why didn’t he share some advanced scientific knowledge to prove that he was God?

Jeff: Imagine he did. In the first century people didn’t know about how Earth revolves around the Sun, how many planets our solar system has, and how gravity works! Suppose Jesus told them.

Dave: Instead of receiving that information during the last few hundred years, and landing on the moon recently – humans would’ve had superior knowledge for 2,000 years!

Jeff: Picture how much we’ve advanced scientifically in just 100 years. If Jesus was handing out that information 2,000 years ago – where would we be now?

Dave: It’s quite likely that Jesus’ revelation of planets would seem paltry and uninteresting to people a couple millennium later.

Jeff: That’s right. We’d say, “Oh, Jesus knew about 8 planets. Who cares? We know of 10,000 planets! We’ve landed on 50, seeded life on 12 and are in the process of making our own!”

Dave: Any information Jesus gave would have advanced our current knowledge, and would not have had the effect of proving his Deity.

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