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Conspiracy Theories abound! Was the life of Jesus really a concoction of the Roman Empire?


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Audio Transcript:

Dave: Joseph Atwill, a skeptic, has put out a new book suggesting that Jesus was not a real historical figure.

Jeff: The claim is that Jesus was a Roman invention, meant to quell Jewish resistance.

Dave: The evidence suggesting this is some parallels between the Flavians – a Roman family and the life of Jesus.

Jeff: We don’t think these parallels are all they’re cracked up to be… but what if they were? Would that prove Jesus didn’t exist?

Dave: Not at all!

Jeff: Many parts of the Bible are written in Polemic form.

Dave: Meaning that the author may try to parallel a current event and show why the one-true God is better.

Jeff: For instance, Genesis kind of parallels some other creation myths – but any similarities are merely there to show that THE ONE TRUE GOD was the actual creator.

Dave: If there were similarities between the gospels and the Flavian family, what would be more likely…

Jeff: An entire historical figure and Jewish Messiah made up by a political conspiracy theory?!

Dave: Or an author drawing some comparisons between two different people?

Jeff: Even if Atwill’s evidence was true – it doesn’t take anything away from Jesus.

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