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Biblical Prophecy is SPECIFIC, and inerrant! This is how we know Jesus is the Messiah!


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Audio Transcript:

Dave: Prophecy could be a powerful demonstration of a religious truth or falsehood.

Jeff: And did you know that Daniel 9:20-27 predicts the exact year of the Messiah’s death?

Dave: The prediction talks about seven sevens.

Jeff: Which would be 49 years

Dave: and it speaks about 62 sevens

Jeff: which would be 434 years

Dave: Add that up and we find that Daniel predicts there will be 483 until the messiah dies after the decree to rebuild the Jewish temple.

Jeff: and when was that decree given?

Dave: Right around 444 or 445 B.C.

Jeff: And guess how many years it was until Jesus was actually crucified.

Dave: I’m guessing one year

Jeff: Ah! No! Daniel predicted it would be 483 years and…

Dave: Right it was 483 years until Christ was crucified!

Jeff: And that was written hundreds of years before jesus was even born

Dave: How could someone predict the exact year so far in advance unless they were told by God?

Jeff: Right! This is specific, told far into the future AND deals with unlikely events!

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