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Is the fossil record evidence of common descent? or common design?


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Audio Transcript:

Dave: Scientists near China have discovered a new fish that has been called the
missing link in Evolution!

Jeff: Before we discuss the science of it – let’s think about the assumptions here.

Dave: Often people look at the fossil record and say, “This is clear evidence that
life has evolved.”

Jeff: But there’s another way to view the fossil record.

Dave: We agree the fossils are giving us a history of life on Earth. But, that history
doesn’t have to be understood in terms of evolution.

Jeff: There are similarities among creatures. But, does this imply common
descent – or a common designer?

Dave: For instance, you could order our radio shows from basic and short, to
complicated and long. And In terms of evolution you might assume that’s how
they progressed.

Jeff: But it’s not accurate – just because there’s a pattern does not mean it was
developed that way.

Dave: It could be that all creatures share a common designer, not common

Jeff: In fact, prior to Darwin that is exactly how Scientists understood the fossil
record – just different eras of God’s own creation from a Common Designer.

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