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Legalism: Is there a better way?


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Audio Transcript:

Dave: Don’t follow the rules!

Jeff: When we act like Christianity is all about “following the rules” and “doing
good” we’re totally missing the point.

Dave: Jesus healed on the Sabbath – that offended a lot of people.

Jeff: But those healings brought FREEDOM!

Dave: That’s just it – – our religion is more about FREEDOM from sin and freedom
from the effects of sin than it is about “doing nice things.”

Jeff: In other words, our religion isn’t “do good” – it’s “JESUS.”

Dave: Jesus frees us.

Jeff: Whatever burdens we have can be laid down at the feet of our Lord.

Dave: Whatever sin we have is lifted off of our shoulders, because Jesus already
paid for it.

Jeff: Jesus defeated death! We should feel FREE not restricted and controlled.

Dave: We’re not saying, “Hey just live however you want…”

Jeff: No, but we are saying, that OUR RELIGION. OUR BELIEFS. OUR CORE is about
Jesus frees us, not “do good things, be a better person.”

Dave: And ultimately, that’s a much “better” way to live.

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