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What happens when Archaeological Science and the Bible collide? The Bible usually wins!

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: Does Archeology demonstrate that the Bible was written merely by humans
who make up history, or even make mistakes?

Jeff: The book of Daniel, chapter 5, records the collapse of Babylon.

Dave: The book of Daniel claims that a man named Belshazzar was King.

Jeff: For years, critics of the Bible could’ve point at this and laughed, because not
only was there no record of a King named Belshazzar…

Dave: There was proof that a man named Nabonidus was King during that time.

Jeff: Uh oh… Bible make a mistaky?

Dave: Well, according to more recent archeological evidence, Nabonidus was King
of Babylon from 556 – 539 BC. But, in the third year of his reign…

Jeff: He took a trip. And put his son in charge as a substitute King. And his son’s
name was…

Dave: Belshazzar.

Jeff: The Bible was actually more accurate than other archeological records –
finally, when more information was gathered – they found the Bible was accurate.

Dave: The main point here is to not assume the Bible is wrong, when there’s
something difficult.

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