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What is the Ontological Argument? Seatbelts are strongly suggested for this Truth Shot.

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: Turn your brains on, because we’re going over the Ontological Argument
for the existence of God!

Jeff: When we say “God” we are talking about the GREATEST being that exists.

Dave: Right. If there was someone greater, than THAT would be God.

Jeff: Nothing greater than God could even be conceived of!

Dave: So, God is the greatest being you can imagine. He’s THE GREATEST!

Jeff: But, what is even greater than THINKING about God’s existence?

Dave: A God who would exist in REALITY. That’s better! A God who is NECESSARY
for our existence!

Jeff: Right! If God was only an “idea in our heads” than we could find something
better, and he wouldn’t actually be God.

Dave: But to be God, “existence” must be one of his attributes. So, he must exist.

Jeff: In other words – if the necessary being (God) did not have existence, it
wouldn’t be a necessary being. So the necessary being must have existence.

Dave: If you are still following this, congratulations, you have leveled up.

2 Responses to In a Nutshell: Ontological Argument

  1. Steven Carr says:

    Many atheists say they can imagine a nunicorn – a necessary unicorn, and so this means that there is a unicorn that exists in all possible universes.

    They are wrong.

    From mythology, a unicorn is a pure , good being. It can’t exist in any world where there is gratuitious evil and unnecessary sufffering and evil is triumphant.

    We just have to imagine one logically possible world where there there is gratuitious evil and unnecessary sufffering and evil is triumphant and we know that no unicorn can exist in that world.

    Just one such world will do, because if no unicorn can exist in such a world, no nunicorn can exist, because that is supposed to be a being that exists in *all* logically possible worlds.

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