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What is the Ontological Argument? Seatbelts are strongly suggested for this Truth Shot.

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: Turn your brains on, because we’re going over the Ontological Argument
for the existence of God!

Jeff: When we say “God” we are talking about the GREATEST being that exists.

Dave: Right. If there was someone greater, than THAT would be God.

Jeff: Nothing greater than God could even be conceived of!

Dave: So, God is the greatest being you can imagine. He’s THE GREATEST!

Jeff: But, what is even greater than THINKING about God’s existence?

Dave: A God who would exist in REALITY. That’s better! A God who is NECESSARY
for our existence!

Jeff: Right! If God was only an “idea in our heads” than we could find something
better, and he wouldn’t actually be God.

Dave: But to be God, “existence” must be one of his attributes. So, he must exist.

Jeff: In other words – if the necessary being (God) did not have existence, it
wouldn’t be a necessary being. So the necessary being must have existence.

Dave: If you are still following this, congratulations, you have leveled up.

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