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It is important to engage the text when reading and/or studying the Bible.

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: Psalms 29: says, “The voice of the Lord is powerful; the voice of the
Lord is majestic. The voice of the Lord breaks the cedars… The voice of the Lord
strikes with flashes of lightning.”

Jeff: Why doesn’t it always feel like that?

Dave: There are right ways and many wrong ways to read the Bible. If it seems
boring or irrelevant there is a good chance I need to read it differently.

Jeff: Absolutely. Look up our CRACKED acronym for a detailed discussion, but
most of all know that you have to ENGAGE the text.

Dave: Turn your brains ON.

Jeff: The Bible contains MANY different genres.

Dave: Many different metaphors and analogies.

Jeff: There are meta-narratives, foreshadowing…

Dave: Types and shadows…

Jeff: Cultural context, historical information…

Dave: Foreign languages, author’s styles

Jeff: AND MORE! If we come across a Bible verse and it doesn’t take any work to
study it, or it seems out of place, more study is probably warranted.

Dave: To really understand the Bible, we cannot be passive and expect it to “wash
over us.” We must engage.

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