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Does the fact that Humans share 99% of our DNA with Chimps explain away Intelligent Design?

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: Jeff, you are very much like a great ape.

Jeff: Yeah, my wife says the same thing.

Dave: I bet! But, what I mean is that human DNA and chimp DNA is as much as
99% similar!

Jeff: Does this cause problems for Christians?

Dave: No, actually we’re not sure why any Bible readers are surprised by this.

Jeff: At the very beginning – in Genesis 2:7 we read that Adam was formed from
dust of the ground.

Dave: And in Genesis 2:19 we read that animals were also formed out of the

Jeff: Biblically, we’re made from the same, “stuff”!

Dave: Sharing DNA with animals isn’t unbiblical – it’s exactly Biblical.

Jeff: It would be a bigger problem for Christians if scientists found out that
humans and animals were composed of fundamentally different substances,
because that’s not what the Bible says.

Dave: So, wait… when I say, “Jeff, you are very much like a great ape…”

Jeff: You’re not saying anything that the Bible doesn’t already say!

Dave: That’s… awesome.

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