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Is it wrong for Christians to claim that Jesus is the ONLY WAY to Salvation?

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: Is it intolerant for a religion to claim exclusivity?
(NOTE: Christian Exclusivity is the claim that Christianity is the only way to Salvation)

Jeff: In my discussions with people one of the most common beliefs is that
whatever you want to believe is true.

Dave: Let’s use an analogy.

Jeff: Imagine you are standing in a skyscraper – 150 stories tall!

Dave: As you admire the building the wind picks up, and you feel the whole
edifice sway.

Jeff: Then the architect walks in, and proudly displays his blueprints.

Dave: But… you notice a problem. He used supports that were far too small!

Jeff: A strong wind could literally topple the building you’re now standing in.

Dave: And then you feel the wind blow…

Jeff: Is it intolerant to suggest everyone leave the building? Is it fanatical to
say, “Your math is wrong”?

Dave: When we deal with life or death subjects we must have the truth no matter
what someone believes.

Jeff: When we talk about God, and life after death – wouldn’t be even more
important to know the actual truth about who God is?

Dave: It’s not intolerant, there is a reality we want to know.

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