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How do we account for the vast amount of DNA shared between Humans and Chimps?

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: Humans and Chimps share over 90% of our DNA – some estimates put it as
high as 99%!

Jeff: That explains a lot… But why is there so much difference between
humankind and great apes? That 1% difference allows for things like…

Dave: Mozart! Bach!

Jeff: Einstein!

Dave: That 1% allows us to create Picasso like art and travel to the Moon…

Jeff: And have air conditioning!

Dave: The difference really lies in what’s known as “gene expression” patterns.

Jeff: This is the activity the genes accomplish. Different proteins interact with
chimp and human DNA in different ways, controlling our gene expression.

Dave: This can affect many aspects of a being – increased brain activity, signals
between cells, and more.

Jeff: So, while the DNA may technically be very similar between humans and
chimps, the expression of how that plays out in the real world is very different.

Dave: A good analogy could be music – say you give the exact same chord changes
to a jazz musician and a classical musician…

Jeff: Their expressions of that same information would be incredibly different.

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