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What is it that makes our Faith the Real Deal?

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: Many atheists will say, sarcastically, that they don’t believe in a magic fairy
in the sky who gives them warm cuddly feelings anymore.

Jeff: Now, with all due respect to my atheist friends, I know you’re just trying to
point out that believing in invisible creatures is… odd.

Dave: And many religions snub real world facts – they say things like, “The world is
an illusion” or “Just believe and you’ll see…”

Jeff: If that’s all there was, we’d probably be with you Atheists.

Dave: But, what if there was a religion that said, “Don’t base your belief on
feelings. Base it on the facts.”

Jeff: Here’s what is important – that’s exactly what Christianity does.

Dave: We say there is one massive fact: Jesus Christ rose from the dead.

Jeff: Notice, it’s an historical event, not a mystical belief. We can examine
testimony, evidence and come to conclusions based on that evidence.

Dave: And if a guy really did predict he would rise from the dead, and did it – that
would make a compelling case.

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