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What does the Bible say about cremation of the body?

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: Is it okay for Christians to be cremated?

Jeff: Certainly burial is the most common form in the Bible – there are some
cremations, but usually it is when a body was badly mutilated.

Dave: But we could say that burial better represents the hope in our own

Jeff: That’s true, because in burial we show respect for the body and place our
hope in the fact that someday God will RESURRECT our bodies to life!

Dave: Remember, Jesus had a PHYSICAL body after his resurrection – and our goal
is to have a resurrected body LIKE HIS.

Jeff: Right! But all bodies decay – so we don’t have to worry that God can’t raise
someone from the dead if they are cremated.

Dave: That’s right. The Biblical example of burial is a report not a rule.

Jeff: Meaning that burial is usually reported to us, and seems to be the common
Christian method, but God did not give us a rule about this particular practice.

Dave: So, God can raise those who were cremated…

Jeff: And those who were buried! …all about RESURRECTION!

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