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Is the Bible a Holy Book? Listen further!

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: The Bible is a Holy Book!

Jeff: Many Christians say that, but…

Dave: They are wrong!

Jeff: Now, before you get all defensive, hear us out!

Dave: The term “Bible” just means “books.” In fact, that’s all it is – a collection of

Jeff: Now, it’s fair to say that the books that make up the Bible are Holy.

Dave: Especially if they were really inspired by God!

Jeff: But we have to be careful to explain it correctly: it’s not the combination of
writings that makes something “Holy.”

Dave: Nope. It’s many different Holy writings, that make up our Bible.

Jeff: So, when people debate about what books should be included in the Bible or
not, it’s really not a big deal – it’s not as if “THE HOLINESS HAS BEEN CORRUPTED!”

Dave: Right – there are legitimate debates about which writings actually came
from God, and his prophets.

Jeff: If a writing is from God, then let’s include it in our collection (the Bible). If
not, keep it out.

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