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Science and Faith seem to be at odds again. Or are they?

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: If scientists are right, and the Earth is old, would that mean there was
death before sin entered the world?

Jeff: Yep. And, previously, we showed that the Bible doesn’t teach anything about
animal death because of sin.

Dave: But, let’s assume for a minute that nothing died prior to the fall. What did
Adam and Eve eat?

Jeff: The usual answer is – plants!

Dave: Reality check… many plants die when you eat them.

Jeff: Even for young earth believers, they must agree there was death before the

Dave: Some say that animals and humans are different than plants, because a
different Hebrew phrase is used to describe plants. So, plant death before sin
doesn’t bother them.

Jeff: But, we aren’t sure that’s a sufficient explanation. Even with a different
Hebrew word, plants are still living things, Biblically. And they did die before the

Dave: This is a complicated issue, but what one thing is clear…

Jeff: Death before the fall is a very real, Biblical, possibility that cannot be

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