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So, who created God? And would that even matter?

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: Oh, so you say God exists, huh?

Jeff: Why, yes! Yes I do!

Dave: Hahaha… Weeell – who created God then?!

Jeff: What?!

Jeff: Wait wait— this isn’t hard.

Dave: Only things with a beginning need to be created. But God didn’t have a

Jeff: Even if this question was valid – as in “God did come from somewhere” it
doesn’t mean God doesn’t exist.

Dave: God would still have been our creator… and our God!

Jeff: My vehicle was made by a car company. Let’s use that as an analogy

Dave: HAHAH – Well, who created that car company!?

Jeff: Well, that question makes no sense. Even if the car company was created by someone else – – the fact still
remains, they designed my car.

Dave: This question isn’t an objection to God’s existence… It admits that God exists

Jeff: Whether or not someone else created God is completely irrelevant because…

Dave: He’s still our God… and our Designer!

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