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Religious feelings can be induced in a laboratory. Does this disprove Christianity?

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We covered this topic in a previous half-hour show: “Christianity Disproved?” . Check it out.


Audio Transcript:

Dave: One critic of the Christian faith has attempted to discredit the religion by
saying this:

Jeff: “Religious experience is a natural product of the brain.”

Dave: And he gives many quotes and examples to show that religious feelings can
be induced in the laboratory.

Jeff: Should this worry Christians?

Dave: Yes!… (um) No!

Jeff: Christians do not believe that the body and soul are intrinsically unlinked.

Dave: Let me state that in a way people can understand.

Jeff: Oh c’mon.

Dave: Our natural state is to have a body/soul unity! For thousands of years we’ve
believed that the body effects the soul – and vice versa!

Jeff: In fact, our ultimate goal is to have a perfect BODY: it’s called resurrection!
Philippians 3:21 says,

Dave: “He will transform our lowly bodies so that they will be like his glorious

Jeff: But ya know, even if we had a problem with the scientific information about
Spiritual experiences, it wouldn’t discount the FACTUAL evidence for Jesus’

Dave: That’s why we look to evidence first, experience second.

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