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Our Universe is “finely tuned”, but what does that mean to you and me?

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: In the last Truth Shot we said that the Universe exhibits “fine-tuning”

Jeff: And if it didn’t, we could live! And even some of the atheists agreed – this
could be evidence that a designer creator the Universe, and suited it perfectly for

Dave: But what are some of these finely tuned designs?

Jeff: It just so happens that our moon’s size, distance, and mass help Earth.

Dave: Because of the moon, Earth sits on its axis at 23.5 degrees with little

Jeff: The sun is among the 4-8% most massive stars in the galaxy; it’s a very rare
type of star! And guess what…

Dave: It’s just perfect for life to exist on Earth.

Jeff: Gravity, strong and weak nuclear forces and others are all finely calibrated
for life.

Dave: It’s been said, “Wipe out one of those principles, wipe out one of those
laws… no life.”

Jeff: Our atmosphere is the perfect mix to protect us and allow to make

Dave: It also ensures a temperate climate! There are over 400 factors needed for
human life!

Jeff: Our universe is finely tuned for human life.

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