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Does the Book of Enoch belong in the Bible?

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: Why isn’t the Book of Enoch in the Bible?

Jeff: The Bible actually quotes the Book of Enoch, or at least appears to.

Dave: So, what’s the deal?

Jeff: First of all – just because the Bible quotes something doesn’t mean it
approves of the source.

Dave: Right! The Bible quotes pagan poets, and inscriptions on idols. But we don’t
take that to mean, “Trust that stuff!”

Jeff: Second, The Book of Enoch doesn’t fit the principles for canonicity – the
reasons why something is included in the Bible.

Dave: It was never really accepted by all the people of God.

Jeff: It isn’t confirmed that it was written by a prophet – in fact, Enoch lived before
the great flood, but these writings weren’t authored until about 160 BCE!

Dave: In fact, we don’t know the author for sure.

Jeff: Not to mention that a lot of the writings seem… well…

Dave: Odd?

Jeff: Yeah… The Book of Enoch just doesn’t line up with the standards we have for
writings from God.

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