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Dishonest debate with Non-Christians can destroy their bridge to salvation!

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: We recently watched a video that was supposed to have dealt a deathblow to Evolution.

Jeff: Yet, as we watched it… we cringed.

Dave: There were some poor arguments.

Jeff: It seemed apparent that the editors cut the video in a way to make the
evolutionists appear dumb, while the Christians appeared sharp and quick-witted.

Dave: It can be easy for Christians to get excited about videos that “preach to the

Jeff: But we need to be exceedingly careful to be intellectually honest.

Dave: Straw-men arguments don’t serve us Christians well.

Jeff: That’s right; instead of slightly misrepresenting the other guy’s viewpoint,
let’s hear them out.

Dave: Let’s dialogue and try to genuinely understand the other perspective.

Jeff: If Christians are cutting their films to make non-Christians look bad…

Dave: What kind of example is that?

Jeff: Not a Christ-like one! I seriously doubt Jesus was saying, “haha, good cut, you
really made that heathen look like a fool, though he had good answers!”

Dave: Let us seek to be HONEST.

Jeff: Listen carefully.

Dave: And debate lovingly.

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