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What is a Multiverse? Could it disprove the existence of God?

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: There are a large number of finely tuned factors that allow human life to

Jeff: We use this as evidence that it was God who “finely tuned” the Universe!

Dave: But, Steven Weinberg…

Jeff:…a Nobel Laureate in Physics…

Dave: has said, “If you discovered a really impressive fine-tuning…I think you’d
really be left with only two explanations: a benevolent designer or a multiverse.”

Jeff/Dave: oooh, cool! Ya!

Jeff: Does the possibility of multiple Universes take God out of the equation? If
there are a million other Universes, does it mean that we just happened to be in
the right one?

Dave: Not at all. There’s nothing anti-Biblical about multiple Universes!

Jeff: God could create as many Universes as he wants to!

Dave: Wait, what about 2nd ThessaChronicles? It says, “Thine arm only created
one Universe!”

Jeff: Um.. that’s not in the Bible.

Dave: I was just testing you.

Jeff: Even if there were a billion other universes, we’d still be left with the
question: where did they come from?

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