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The early Christians KNEW what 666 was… and they had every reason to fear it. But what in the world is “616”?
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Audio Transcript:

Dave: The number of the Beast, 666, isn’t a mystical scary number.

Jeff: In fact, it is merely a representation of who the Beast is.

Dave: So, who is it and how do we know?

Jeff: During the time that the book of Revelation was written cryptogrammatic
values were common.

Dave: That’s basically where you use a number to spell out words.

Jeff: And 666, spelled in 1st Century Hebrew, turns out to spell Nero.** (see below)

Dave: Nero is the Roman Caesar who reigned during a time of great Christian

Jeff: Plus, if you look at your Bible, there’s a good chance that the 666 has a little
asterisk by it.

Dave: Right, they do – and it says, “or 616” – why is that?

Jeff: It’s likely that when the Bible was translated into Latin the copyists would
change the number to 616.

Dave: But copyists NEVER changed the Biblical words! Why would they do that?

Jeff: Because they knew 666 meant Nero — and in countries using Latin, if you want to
spell “Nero” you had to have the number 616.

Dave: So, the early Christians would translate the Bible and change the number
because they knew it was referring to Nero!


** The actual phrasing is “Nero Caesar” and not just “Nero” based on actual Gematria. Often for “Truth Shots” we word things succinctly to fit it in 60-seconds.

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