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Is Faith enough when it comes to our health? Is visiting a doctor going against God’s will?

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: Should Christians go to the Doctor, or is faith enough?

Jeff: Over 300 children have died since 1975 from parents who practiced “faith
healing.” That shocking statistic should make us question the practice of faith

Dave: Are we saying that God can’t heal people?

Jeff: Of course not, I’ve seen God heal people.

Dave: But there is a difference when you refuse medical treatment based on your

Jeff: There is NOTHING IN THE BIBLE that says “just pray, ignore the doctor!”

Dave: In fact, Luke, who wrote part of the Bible was a medical doctor (Colossians 4:14).

Jeff: Other parts of the Bible include medical advice!

Dave: God designed our bodies and minds so that we are intelligent enough to
heal ourselves.

Jeff: So… do it! Go to the Doctor! The Bible never speaks against moral medical

Dave: In fact, it was Christians who pioneered modern medical practices and

Jeff: Throughout history it was Christian philosophy that drove medical research
and a desire to help the sick and suffering.

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