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Will we be able to rebel when we get to heaven?

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: Will we have free will in Heaven?

Jeff: Yes!

Dave: Okay… then how do we know we won’t sin?!

Jeff: And doom us all over again!?

Dave/Jeff: NOooooooo!!!

Jeff: Actually, don’t worry.

Dave: The only people in Heaven are those who have already chosen to do what is

Jeff: So God can fully reveal himself to us without affecting our free will!

Dave: And when we see the AWESOMENESS of God, compared to the terrible
suffering we went through on Earth –

Jeff: There won’t even be a chance that we would sin, although we do have free

Dave: Imagine having dog food placed in front of you, alongside your favorite
meal – perfectly prepared.

Jeff: Any sane person would eat their favorite meal – – they won’t even desire the
dog food!

Dave: It’s the same thing in Heaven, we won’t even desire sin.

Jeff: Sin will seem like eating dog food… we just won’t be interested.

Dave: So, in Heaven we have complete free will while at the same time, we’ll
always make the right choice.

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