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Our 100th Truth Shot! WOW, has God been good!

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: It’s our 100th TRUTH SHOT!

Jeff: Time for a party, Dave!!

Dave: You can’t see it now, but we are dancing.

Jeff: No we aren’t!

Dave: We’re radio dancing – it doesn’t actually involve moving.

Jeff: Wow!

Dave: Truth Revolution has been on the air now for almost two years. In that
time, thousands of people have been helped, and, when combined with our halfhour shows, we’ve created over 200 pieces of Truth!

Jeff: All of those are available to you, your friends, or your Church for free.

Dave: Would you consider either donating or volunteering for Truth Revolution?

Jeff: It takes some serious elbow-grease to make the website run, schedule
interviews and more.

Dave: It also takes money for equipment, recordings, broadcasting and more!

Jeff: If you’d be willing to donate, it would definitely help this ministry continue.

Dave: We’ve never ran a negative budget – and will only do what God enables us
to do through you.

Jeff: Thanks for listening, supporting, and learning!.

Dave: We are – “where faith and reason meet.”

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