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Is “Blind Faith” a Biblical concept? We believe it isn’t.

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: Atheists will often deride Christians for having “faith” because it goes
against the evidence.

Jeff: It’s not only atheists – some Christians say, “You just have to believe! Just
have faith” and suggest that we shouldn’t look for evidence.

Dave: But is that what faith is? Blind ignorant belief?

Jeff: The Bible tells us what the Christian definition of faith is.

Dave: Hebrews 11:1 says: “faith is confidence in what we hope for…”

Jeff: Where do you derive confidence from? Your imagination?

Dave: No! You derive confidence from THE FACTS. From evidence.

Jeff: From seeing what God has done in the past, we know what he’ll do in the

Dave: When we look at the logical information available to us we can have…

Jeff: GREAT CONFIDENCE in God, and his existence, and his promises. Just look to
the data.

Dave: Faith isn’t some magic fairy dust that you sprinkle on your heart just to feel

Jeff: No. Biblical faith is a realistic confidence in our belief, because the evidence
actually exists.

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