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Judgement: The Bible gives us plenty of guidelines on passing judgement.

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: Christians are often known as being judgmental.

Jeff: Yeah, sometimes we look at the lives of people who aren’t Christian and
we just shake our heads…

Dave: But is it right?

Jeff: The Apostle Paul, who was a huge leader in the early Church, wrote a letter
to some Christians in Corinth because they were having problems with when to
judge people as well.

Dave: Right – and he asked, “What business is it of mine to judge those outside
the church?… God will judge those outside.”

Jeff: In other words, Christians have no right, no business, judging someone who
isn’t part of the Church!

Dave: The other part of that quote from the Bible says, “Are you not to judge
those inside?”

Jeff: Ahhh – so before we start pointing fingers at how bad the world is…

Dave: We should probably clean house a little bit.

Jeff: I hope Christians want to be so merciful that we forgive anyone and anything
without judging. And if we feel the need to judge behavior – it should be the
behavior of ourselves.

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