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What is the meaning behind 666 and why is it a “human” number?

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: What is 666? Do we need to fear this number?

Jeff: Well, I’ve heard people suggest that we can find 666 in barcodes, computer chips
to get put in your hand, and all kinds of things.

Dave: But, what is it really? Do we need to fear it?

Jeff: The writer of Revelation tells us plainly what 666 is.

Dave: And it’s not a mystical number.

Jeff: Right. It’s not a curse.

Dave: It’s not bad luck to buy something when the cash register rings up $6.66!

Jeff: That happened to me once!

Dave: Did you still buy your stuff?

Jeff: Well, of course, I needed it. The number 666 is simply a numeric representation of
the beast, an Antichrist. It’s the same way that “stars and stripes” represents
our nation.

Dave: So, what exactly does 666 represent?

Jeff: It tells us exactly who the Beast is.

Dave: Who is it?

Jeff: Well, Dave, that’s next time on the Truth Shot.

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