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Would Alien Life demonstrate that life arises by chance? Or could it be considered miraculous?

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: Some people suggest that if alien life were found, Christianity would die.

Jeff: They believe that if we find life on other planets, evolution would then be a
sufficient cause for the existence of all life everywhere.

Dave: Is that the case? What would life on other planets mean?

Jeff: In the last Truth Shot we showed that Christianity would be compatible with
extraterrestrial life.

Dave: But what would it mean – would alien life demonstrate that life arises by

Jeff: Not hardly! There are a staggering number of factors that have to occur for
life to exist.

Dave: Water, Plate-tectonics, Galaxy-type, white dwarf binaries, biogenic mixing…

Jeff: In fact, Hugh Ross from lists 400 requirements for life. If life
occurs, it doesn’t prove randomness – it should beg the question: “How in the
Universe did this happen again? It’s almost statistically impossible!”

Dave: So, if alien life were discovered, it could be seen as… miraculous?

Jeff: Yes – we would have to ask the question, where did it come from?

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