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What are the odds against the existence of Alien Life?

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: As we mentioned in previous Truth Shots, alien life wouldn’t disprove
Christianity – in fact, it would seem to support the idea of God’s existence.

Jeff: That’s right. Because of the staggering number of factors needed for life,
finding intelligent life would be miraculous in a way, and should make us wonder:
how did this happen?

Dave: What are some of those factors important for intelligent life like ours?

Jeff: The galaxy type is important – heavy elements are built up to sufficient levels
in the right shaped galaxy.

Dave: Another factor is flourine – this element is necessary for life…

Jeff: And without just the right number of white dwarf binaries we wouldn’t have
enough. But if too many white dwarf binaries existed the stellar density would be
too thick for life.

Dave: Of course water is important too – but also the ocean-to-continent ratio!

Jeff: Right. If the ratio is too high or too low we wouldn’t have enough bio

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