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Would the existence of Extra Terrestrials disprove the existence of God?

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: What if aliens existed? Would that prove Christianity wrong?

Jeff: That’s what some people claimed. They say…

Dave: “If we find life on other planets, Christians will we realize aren’t that special,
and life evolved all over the place!”

Jeff: But Christians do not reject the idea of life on other planets.

Dave: Yeah, sometimes I think my family is from another planet!

Jeff: Who doesn’t!? But, what we believe is this: life can occur wherever God puts

Dave: So, if God chooses to place life on Mars, Kepler-62e, or anywhere we’d be
okay with that.

Jeff: And, honestly, I HOPE there are some nice alien species. It would be kinda
cool to have the whole Star Trek thing going on.

Dave: Minus the Romulans.

Jeff: Right. So life on other planets is definitely possible from a Theological
perspective. When we get into biology and mathematics, it’s a whole different

Dave: Catch us for more of that information in the next Truth Shots!

Jeff: When we look at mathmatical probability that aliens exist!

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