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What are the facts concerning the “Left Behind” book series? Here’s 60 seconds of truth:

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: The Left Behind series represents and awesome picture of the end times…

Jeff: That’s what a lot of people say, but it’s important to remember that those
books are fiction. Christians, please don’t base your eschatology –

Dave: – your end time beliefs –

Jeff: – on the Left Behind series!

Dave: The Left Behind books are simply based on one interpretation, of one
interpretive framework for Revelation.

Jeff: There are many other ways to interpret the book.

Dave: Different views of Revelation include the Idealist, Preterist, Partial Preterist,
Historicist, Futurist, and more!

Jeff: It’s great to passionately study the Bible, but let’s not get hung up on one
particular interpretation of a book which can be so difficult to understand like

Dave: Debate, study, wrestle with the text, but never divide the body of Christ.

Jeff: That’s right. It’s crazy to think one view is the only way – here’s a little
factoid for ya – did you know that the view the Left Behind series takes a view on
Revelation that no Christian did until the 19th century!

Dave: Interesting stuff! For now, remember to be charitable, and enjoy “Left
Behind” as fiction.

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