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Sylvia Browne made some concrete predictions for 2012. Let’s look back!

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: Sylvia Browne has been called a “Spiritual Teacher”, a Psychic, and medium.

Jeff: Well, her predictions do tell the truth. It’s just that they reveal the truth,
about her!

Dave: In 2011, Browne made some predictions about the year 2012…

Jeff: She predicted that President Obama would NOT be re-elected.

Dave: OOPS!

Jeff: She said there would be more tornadoes and hurricanes.

Dave: But there were less than 2011!

Jeff: A cure for MS would be found.

Dave: Sorry.

Jeff: She said December 2012 wouldn’t be the end of the world…

Dave: Hey, she got one!

Jeff: Good for her!

Dave: The sad reality is she is rarely correct.

Jeff: And when she is correct, it’s often because her prophecies are vague or

Dave: Compare that to Biblical prophesies and you’ll see a world of a difference.

Jeff: Biblical prophecies are detailed, told far into the future, and always correct.
if you want to see real prophets, real predictions open up your bible and read it.
Check out; we did some shows about that.

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