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Nazi Germany had a Moral Standard, is yours better? Worse? Where does our Moral Barometer come from?

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: Did the Nazis have good morality?

Jeff: Of course not.

Dave: Most reasonable people would agree – what they did was wrong and evil.

Jeff: Here’s the big question, though: what makes your morality better than

Dave: We all know that treating people kindly is better than genocide, but if there
is no such thing as an OBJECTIVE MORAL STANDARD than nobody can really say
that their morals are better than the Nazi’s!

Jeff: C.S. Lewis once said, “If your moral ideas can be truer, and those of the Nazis
less true, there must be something – some Real Morality – for them to be true

Dave: In other words, morals and values aren’t arbitrary.

Jeff: We don’t just select them because we like them.

Dave: There really is a standard that comes from somewhere, other than

Jeff: They come from God – There are standards all humans must conform to – and
those standards have to come from somewhere other than Humanity.

Dave: God.

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