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The Moon: It’s not just there to look pretty. It’s quite the Earth-Saver!

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: Some amazing factors had to come into play for Human life to occur.

Jeff: For instance, the MOON is just right to give us life!

Dave: Our Moon stabilizes Earth’s axis at 23.5 degrees, and only moves a few
degrees over several thousand years.

Jeff: The size of our moon is just right. If it was smaller, the Earths tilt would vary
by 30 instead of 3 degrees.

Dave: That would make Death Valley feel like a sweet summer day during the hot

Jeff: And it would be just as cold in the winter season!

Dave: The moon also contributes to the wind patterns, rains, and other factors
important to life.

Jeff: In fact, it’s just the right size, weight, and distance! What a … coincidence?

Dave: Perhaps it’s a coincidence… or perhaps it was designed that way by a
cosmic architect.

Jeff: If the moon was the only factor, we could chalk it up to coincide, but there
are over 400 factors that come into play. Chance is insufficent. God – a cosmic
creator – is the only legitimate answer as to why things are the way they are.

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