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Some believe that the Universe has ALWAYS existed. But there are a couple problems with that…

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: Because the Universe had a beginning, we know something caused it. That
would be God.

Jeff: But in an attempt to get around the beginning of the Universe, some people
have proposed that the Universe has always existed.

Dave: This doesn’t hold up scientifically

Jeff: One explanation of the second law of thermodynamics says that in a closed
system, everything runs down.

Dave: If you have a hot plate of food, it will eventually cool off.

Jeff: If you don’t ever take your car to a mechanic, it will eventually break down.

Dave: If you don’t recharge your batteries, they will run out of power.

Jeff: And our Universe is a closed system too. So if we get no energy from outside
the Universe, it will run out of energy and die.

Dave: Now, we won’t run out of energy for Billions upon Billions of years…

Jeff: But if the universe has ALWAYS EXISTED – – we would’ve passed that mark A

Dave: The very fact that we exist right now, in a living universe, shows that it
hasn’t always existed.

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