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Our atmosphere is a dynamic part of our Earthling Ecology.

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: Some amazing factors had to come into play for Human life to occur.

Jeff: For instance, we have just the right kind of atmosphere.

Dave: Mercury has no atmosphere at all – and it can get up to 800°F!

Jeff: I’m gonna work on my tan! For 5 seconds…

Dave: Venus has a thick atmosphere.

Jeff: But, it’s all carbon dioxide and can reach 870°F.

Dave: Mars has a carbon dioxide atmosphere, but it’s temperature is -50°F.

Jeff: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune all have Hydrogen/Helium

Dave: But they are insufficient to produce life.

Jeff: Earth, however, has Nitrogen and oxygen. It produces a nice 57°F climate.

Dave: Perhaps it’s a coincidence… or perhaps it was designed that way by a
cosmic architect.

Jeff: If the atmosphere was the only factor, we could chalk it up to coincide, but
there are over 400 factors that come into play. Chance is insufficient. God – a
cosmic creator – is the only legitimate answer as to why things are the way they

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