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How rare is complex life and what are the factors involved?

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: We’ve been going over the number of factors needed for complex life to
exist on a planet.

Jeff: We’ve found that complex life is a very rare thing. There are a lot more
factors than just “water” needed for life.

Dave: Listen to some of these factors, and realize the probability that this could
happen by chance…

Jeff: We have to have the right transparency in our atmosphere. If it isn’t
transparent enough, we won’t get enough solar radiation.

Dave: But if it’s too transparent, we’ll get too much radiation. Our atmosphere is
just right.

Jeff: Also, we have to have the right masses (or weight/sizes) of stars that become
supernovae nearby.

Dave: If there aren’t enough, we won’t have enough metals to create new stars
and planets that support life.

Jeff: If there is too much mass in the supernovae, the metals create black holes –
and, well, life is a lot more difficult to produce in a black hole. THERE ARE TONS

Dave: Sure sounds like a design to me!

Jeff: For more information visit for a list of over 400 things needed for
complex life.

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