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The Bible: The inerrant word of God… or is it?
What is Biblical Inerrancy and how does it impact the way we study God’s Word?

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: What is Biblical Inerrancy?

Jeff: A lot of people misunderstand this issue; they’ll say, “You can’t possibly
suggest that the Bible you hold is ALL TRUE and INERRANT!!!”

Dave: Inerrancy does imply perfection.

Jeff: Well, yes. But we when we say the Bible is inerrant we are talking about what
was originally written – not the copies in our hand.

Dave: Right, if Zondervan had a printing error, that wouldn’t suddenly mean the
Bible lost its perfection.

Jeff: And we also mean, you have to take the Bible in context.

Dave: Yes. Recognize it has multiple literary genres.

Jeff: And authors using hyperbole and metaphor. There are all kinds of literary
utilities, cultural contexts, and important techniques for properly studying the

Dave: So, let’s attempt to use the word “inerrant” properly – whether you agree
with it or not!

Jeff: If you’d like some great information about how to properly interpret the
Bible, check out our very own CRACKED acronym.

Dave: Each letter represents an important element in studying the Bible.
We’ve “CRACKED” the code, so-to-speak.

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