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Many people find Christians offensive. But is this really necessary?

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: When we believe we are right, should we stand up for it, even if it offends

Jeff: Let’s take some lessons from Jesus. First, he seriously offended the Pharisees
when he supported his disciples, after they apparently broke the Sabbath law!

Dave: True. Jesus seriously offended people again when he healed someone on
the Sabbath, but he did it anyway.

Jeff: In other words, Jesus is willing to offend people when he is standing up for
good – when he’s helping people.

Dave: There you have, let’s go offend everyone! It’s the Christian thing to do.

Jeff: Well, there is another point:

Dave: True – Jesus doesn’t offend when it’s not worth offending people.

Jeff: If there isn’t some HUGE issue at stake then he just lets it go

Dave: Like the time they made him pay to get in his own Temple.

Jeff: Remember this: Jesus always had the interests of others in mind when
offending or not offending.

Dave: If we can figure out how to best love people, we’ll know when to stand up…

Jeff: Or… when to sit down and shut up.

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