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What are the differences between Hinduism and Christianity?


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Dave: Hinduism is an Eastern religion with about 1-billion adherents.

Jeff: Primarily found in India.

Dave: And what does Hinduism teach?

Jeff: It represents a very broad range of religious beliefs – some branches of
Hinduism claim that no God exists.

Dave: The Hindu philosopher Sankara explains Hinduism like this:

Jeff: “ ‘Sir,’ said a pupil to his master, ‘teach me the nature of Brahman.’ The
master did not reply. When a second and a third time he was importuned, he
Dave: ‘I teach you indeed, but you do not follow. His name is silence’ ”

(Prabhavananda, Spiritual Heritage, 45).

Jeff: Hinduism teaches that everything, doesn’t even exist – taste, touch, seeing,
hearing, is all an illusion. Our world is artifice!

Dave: Okay – the big question – how can we test to see if this is true?

Jeff: Well, we cannot. Their beliefs are misty and un-testable, and that one
problem with Hinduism.

Dave: Whereas in Christianity you can determine whether or not Jesus rose from
the dead.

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