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What are the differences between Islam and Christianity?


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Dave: Islam is the second largest religion in the world with over 1.5-billion

Jeff: And it is actually far closer to Christianity than many other religions – we both
believe in only ONE GOD and absolute Truth.

Dave: How are you saved in this religion?

Jeff: Basically, you go to Heaven by following through on deeds.

Dave: such as reciting the Shahadah several times a day…

Jeff: Yes, and visiting Mecca, almsgiving and things like that.

Dave: So is their salvation premised on doing good deeds?

Jeff: Well, it’s first premised on forgiveness from Allah, but then each person’s
deeds, as well as the will of God, determines their eternal destiny.

Dave: So it has a lot to do with your actions. How do we know if this is true.

Jeff: Unfortunately, it’s completely unprovable. We cannot die, see our deeds
weighed and say, “Okay, it’s legit!” then come back and tell people.

Dave: However, in Christianity – the resurrection of Jesus proves something.

Jeff: Yes, Christianity is the only major religion that is actually testable in a key

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