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What are the differences between Buddhism and Christianity?


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Dave: There are many religions out there claiming to be true.

Jeff: One of the big ones is Buddhism

Dave: Around 1-billion people claim Buddhism as their religion; what do they

Jeff: It’s actually a branch off of Hinduism, and it teaches that “life is suffering”
caused by a desire for prosperity.

Dave: And we can eliminate suffering by following the “eightfold path”, right?

Jeff: Yes – things like “Right speech” and “Right actions” – but the goal of all of this
is strange.

Dave: The goal is to reach Nirvana.

Jeff: Which… is basically ceasing to exist.

Dave: Oh.

Jeff: The problem of course, is that we can NEVER know if Buddhism is true!

Dave: Right – because if someone reaches Nirvana, there’s no way to confirm it
actually happened.

Jeff: In fact, if you mention that to a Buddhist they may reply, “Now you are
catching on!”

Dave: By contrast, we can test Christianity, can’t we –

Jeff: That’s right, if the Resurrection of Jesus is true, Christianity is true. If the
resurrection is false…

Dave: Christianity is false – it’s that simple.

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