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How rare is life in the Universe? Is the idea of life elsewhere a realistic one? Let’s discuss.


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Dave: It’s been said that life probably occurs on billions of planets!

Jeff: I honestly hope that’s true – I’d love to visit another world.

Dave: But we have to be realistic about the probability of life occuring.

Jeff: And for life to occur on Earth – or any planet – a staggering number of factors have
to come into play.

Dave: For instance…

Jeff: A planet with complex life has be a terrestrial planet, where plate-tectonic recycling

Dave: You mean all the continent’s changes and the land being recycled (like in
Volcanoes) actually helps life exist?

Jeff: Absolutely. In addition we have to have just the right mix in our atmosphere for us
to breathe and live!

Dave: Right – Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune…

Jeff: None of them have atmospheres we can use. Only Earth does. And there are a
TON of other factors such as a particular moon, the existence of certain chemicals…

Dave: Suffice it to say, life doesn’t just occur by accident.

For more information check out the book, “The Privileged Planet.”

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