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So, We’ve proven that Science can’t prove the existence of God, but does it show any EVIDENCE for the existence of God?


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Dave: Science cannot technically prove God exists…

Jeff: can’t disprove it either

Dave: But science can offer evidence

Jeff: And one of those lines of evidence is the incredible complexity and design that our
Universe has.

Dave: For example, just for life to exist, our planet has to have some extraordinary
things going on.

Jeff: There is a small habitable zone for the Earth. Scientists have taught that if the

Earth was just 5% closer to the sun we’d reach temperatures of 900 F.

Dave: I would totally open a lemonade stand… or be dead.

Jeff: If the Earth were 20% further from the sun, carbon-dioxide clouds would form, and
we’d have the same type of environment Mars has, which could not have supported life
as we know it.

Dave: Science gave us great info. The question is, do we think this is a HUGE
coincidence that we just happen to be in the right place, or…

Jeff: Or maybe someone designed it that way.

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