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Can Science prove the existence of God? If not, why not?


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Dave: Science has provided us with many wonderful inventions, like Spacestations, GPS, medical equipment

Jeff: and pencil sharpeners…

Dave: uh.

Jeff: Nice ones.

Dave: Science really does synthesize a lot of complex knowledge, and leads us to the truth in many areas. So the question is – can we prove God’s existence scientifically?

Jeff: Many people will say, “Prove God’s existence scientifically or I won’t believe!”

Dave: There’s a problem?

Jeff: Well, the scientific method is basically Observe, Hypothesize, Test and Repeat until a conclusion is reached. It’s not actually possible to do this to God.

Dave: Gotchya – we can’t perform repeatable, observable tests on Him.

Jeff: Right, so you can’t prove God scientifically anymore than you can prove the existence of Abraham Lincoln scientifically.

Dave: Couldn’t we theoretically use science to measure his DNA and…

Jeff: Ah – but you’re only using technology and science to test pieces of information. You see, science can help lead you to a good conclusion, but that’s it.

Dave: So use science the right way: establish facts to present a case.

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